In the Dark Quiz

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for the long awaited In the Dark Trivia Quiz! One of my blog followers brought it to my attention that twenty-five to thirty questions might be a bit much for my first quiz so I’ve cut it down to fifteen questions.

Remember: to participate, copy and paste all fifteen questions and your answers into the body of an email, and send it to Please include your home address at the bottom of the email so that I can mail your prize. Answers should be emailed to me no later than Monday, February 19, midnight MST.

The person who wins first place will receive an autographed, first edition, paperback version of I Dare You to Love Me, a bookmark, and two coasters.

The second place winner will receive the bookmark and the coasters.

Third place will receive the bookmark.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!



  1. How long were Lindsay and Avery together before he cheated on her?
  2. Kyle had a note from a girl in his pocket when he was kidnapped. What was her name?
  3. At the beginning of chapter four, Avery said, “No use crying over spilled …” What?
  4. What is the name of the first werewolf lord?
  5. After Lindsay was bitten, she and Wayne met at her grandmother’s cabin for werewolf training. Where was the cabin located?
  6. Wayne told Lindsay she smelled like, “Strawberry and kiwi shampoo, vanilla
    lotion. . .tart, messy but filling. Like … …” What?
  7. Shannon was raised in an orphanage in New Mexico, run by nuns from the San Isidro Catholic Church. What was the name of the nun who watched over her?
  8. What was the cover story Wayne, Lindsay, Shannon, and Caleb were going to use to to explain their presence in Poland?
  9. What is the “alpha’s mark?”
  10. How did Wayne, Lindsay, Shannon, and Caleb lose Casimir’s shadow in Poznan?
  11. Where were Kyle, Bailey, and Cordelia holed up when Wayne found them in Budapest?
  12. Who pretends to be Avery to trick Casimir?
  13. Complete the sentence: “I’m just Wayne, not … … …! I can’t be everywhere at once. People are still going to get hurt, Caleb.”
  14. Who comes to live with Avery after he returns to Laguna Beach?
  15. Wayne was asked to consult on the construction of a new werewolf settlement near which city?


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