Two kinds of people

People are frustrating.

They cut you off at the intersection. They slow down on the freeway to stare at the van that’s stranded on the side of the road, creating unnecessary traffic. They tell other people your secrets. They post rude and angry things on their social media sites. They argue about things that aren’t that important. They demean you and your beliefs. They ignore and sometimes brush away your advice, even though you care so deeply about them. They betray you and then come crawling back when they need help. They say hurtful things in a flippant and oblivious manner. They text constantly when they’re supposed to be hanging out with you. They interrupt every event by forcing all those involved to take a picture. They throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want, even though they’re adults and they’re supposed to be mature. They disrespect people of authority. They ignore their children and complain about their parents. They give into their child’s demands and do everything for them. They give you unwanted and sometimes awkward advice. They poke around your private matters and try to fix things for you…

But people are also really great.

They notice you’re having a rough day and cut you some slack when you snap or make a mistake. They reach out to you with a random, encouraging text even though it’s been ages since you’ve spoken. They force you to go out and have fun when you’re down in the dumps. They chat with you for hours about books and movies and characters who don’t exist. They stay up late to cry and pray with you when your world is falling apart. They hold you when you cry and cheer you on when you’re discouraged and work hard beside you and celebrate your successes with you. They give you flowers and cards and balloons when it’s your birthday, even though you were trying to keep it a secret. They acknowledge your hard work with a smile or a thank-you. They love you unconditionally and make you feel important when you don’t think too highly of yourself.

People are flawed, complicated, unfinished, searching, wielders of unimaginable power; the power to influence. Think before you act. Listen before you speak. What kind of person will you be? How will you influence the lives around you?



Wife, mother, reader, author, Netflix-binge-watcher, lover of baked goods, Jesus-freak, geek, introvert: that's me in a nut shell.

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